Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We got the house. We are in the house-1 week. We have fixed a toilet a sink and we had a hot water leak in the laundry room(that's right laundry gets it's own room now) woo hoo.We haven't completely fixed it yet husband got irritated with it I told him to let it go for now. We have lots of painting to do. Owners really had a thing for maroon and tan. Our room has partial candy apple red trim. It's def. my first room to paint. Took a before(will load it up later),getting ready to wash down the trim and get the primer on.
Little Valorie woke up at 6 this morning so no breaks for me today-I am hoping to get some stitching in. Think I'll do that real quick,as I have a needle loaded. I got out In To the Light by Teri Rosario,I started it in the bottom right corner so for now it's all 939. I'm making some progress on it. I found some more threads for my Mermaid SK.
For now my routine has been: get up early have my tea and stitch. Start a fire,clean and unpack stitch some more sweep. Play with Valorie eat with Valorie clean unpack. Val does like to help with the cleaning. So far this week she has "helped" with the floor in the dining room she swept the halls she cleaned windows, window frames and helped gather fire wood. She's a great helper.
I must get going-have to start the laundry which still seems to be an every day thing:(

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Meari said...

Congrats on your new home. :)