Monday, February 15, 2010

Our newest Baby!

Here is Angel-Marie and her parents
 Isn't she cute?
Born in the middle of the night:)

More house stuff

So I started on the hallway bathroom. Dark dark green ugh! SO I have got the second coat of Kiltz drying right now and later today it will be a nice Titan Blue. We're going to keep it wall papered for awhile as it's in good shape and not too offensive-neither of us like flowery anything.
 After 1 coat of Kiltz-we will be replacing the trim and caulk around the floor.
Beautiful huh? Up next Titan kids are home today so not sure how far I'll get may have to wait til they go to bed.

Snow in Texas

Here's Valorie's newest Mr. Snowman.
We got about 14". This is our new house-finally remembered a pic. in the daylight. Yay Me. And a few more.......
My son's cars pretty much buried at the other house This is a TA and a Galant the Galant he had just pulled in the yard after working while it snowed-it made it into the yard,that was it. He said it took him awhile to dig it out again.
Our internet was out and our cable went down but we had lots of fun,and we made Carolyn's snow cream!