Friday, August 28, 2009

Me Time?

My kids are back in school-the older ones anyway. Now it's me and Valorie. We've been busy playing every day. Now she's not feeling so good-stuffy and gassy! Great combination.
Me time-don't really get any,no matter how I try. They find me if I try to shut myself in my room. I usually don't get much stitching in now unless it's in the middle of the night,but what else is there when you can't sleep anyway.
We're trying to get a house. Very exciting,we've lived here for 20 yrs. We're waiting for previous owners signature. We should know in a week or so what's going on.In the mean time we've been cleaning up this place and getting rid of all kinds of stuff. 5 kids you sure get a lot of stuff!
My printer has decided to wig out on me-so I haven't been ab;e to print out any charts to work on.
Well gotta pay bills while Valorie is distracted.
Have a good day!