Tuesday, August 10, 2010

gall bladder:(

I have had my gall bladder removed-after 5 yrs. of stomach problems. The last dr. I saw said there is nothing wrong with your stomach,you don't even have any parts in that area that should be hurting.Not once in all that time did anyone even suggest an ultrasound or mri or anything,just pee in this cup and let us take some more blood. I started having very painful attacks that would last for hours and nothing would make it stop-by the time I had the third one always in the middle of the night.,I woke my husband up and told him we have to go to the ER-amazingly enough(smart people there) they decided to do an ultrasound and minutes later they were hitting me up with the strong painkillers and discussing surgery mostly with my husband because I had found peacful/painfree sleep yay! Turns out if I had had one more attack we would be looking at a messed up liver and pancreas! i'm on the mend now and am so glad I went in during an attack. My follow up is Thursday and I'm hoping for good news on the liver and pancreas.
I have gotten some stitching done hard to do when your doped up but I haven't had to frog any of it so yay me. I've nostly been working on Faery Tales-I decided to go up and over from the bottom.I have finished page 40 and am working on 39 and 32. I'm hoping to do some scanning at some point this week so I should be able to put up pics by this week end. I have gottrn Sunny back out for the SAL this week but I really haven't gotten much done on her this week. I've been so tired and I haven't needed a pain pill in days now-gues it's just from sitting around so much-....I'm still having a hard time pulling the hise around the yard for watering but my kids don't go back to school for another 2 weeks they can water the plants!