Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Waiting....

The Tigress
So we're still waiting......Don't like waiting.
On the plus side? My daughter and her boyfriend decided to move back to Colorado.
I've been able to get alot of stitching done. I was working on The Tigress for the Mystic Stitch contest but I can't stick to just one. Last week was HAED's birthday as well one of the artists had a birthday-I happen to have one of her charts,so I started
In To the Light by Teri Rosario.
Happy Birthday Teri and HAED. Over the weekend I worked on all the HAED's I have started:QS Citrine,Citrine,Wizard,SK Rose on Fire,and QS Dragon Soul. I found some mis-stitches on Dragon Soul but I don't think they are in her face so I'm not going to worry about it too much. But I found major problems with Rose on Fire so I'm frogging the whole thing and starting again.
I haven't done any scanning lately as it seems if Valorie knows I'm on the computer...she wants on to play her games. I'm going to try to get some done later and will insert some other time.
Have a great day!