Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So we turned in all our paperwork for the house-now we are just waiting!!! They said it may be 2 months before we hear anything else argh! We are hoping everything goes thru in time for the tax credit
Still stitching. Have a few new starts.Just don't have alot of time anymore.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I'm trying to keep up with this blog thing,not much luck there. Some updates: I've been stitching on a few things-mostly HAED's. I'm also doing a Demented Alice,sorry not sure who the designer is. Haven't scanned anything in awhile so no real stitching updates....I should really get on that.
I haven't found my charger for my camera so no shots just yet of Carries Thread exchange with the ILCS group...sorry I'm looking for it.
Yesterday I rec. a chart from a fairy on the HAED BB Thank You Twinkle Toes for gifting me Citrine By Rachel Anderson
I'm working on the Citrine Qs on the board so I'm very excited to have rec. this full chart now they can be companions-might even reverse the qs so they can flank each other?
We've been trying to get a house so my cleaning up this place has gone up. We've pretty much been told the house is ours just waiting for paperwork to catch up. So on top of trying to quit smoking-I'm getting a little ansy. I just found out I have a cholestreol problem and I don't eat much garbage-so I'm a little confused on that.
There's my update in a nutshell
Have a great day-hope you can find the time to stitch some!