Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tomorrow I will scan. I still haven't found my camera/video,don't know where it could've gone.
I've been working on the Citrine, the Carnation Sampler and Last Frog-I think I worked a little on something else too just can't remember what right now.
I've been doing a few floss swaps,so I have some new dyed floss that I need to find projects for. I have also been buying bits and pieces of different linen/evenweaves. Can't say I like the linens too much,haven't tried stitching on any of them yet-might not. I do like the evenweaves tho. I have 2 starts on it so far(that's what else I was working on). One is just a small on a piece of fabric I got in an ILCS exchange(9x13 jobelan)28 ct I believe solo from silkweaver it's real pretty. After looking at it for awhile with my husband-we discovered I have stitched a wave in it?.Chalking it up to first time and leaving it in I don't think it's that noticeable. The other is my very first HAED purchase QS dragon soul-I'm doing it on ant. white 28ct. 1x1. This took me awhile to figure out. At first I tried it 2x1 that got real tight and my thumb got real sore so after a block I ripped it all out and tried 2x2 didn't really like that either so I ripped it out again....by now it's 4 am So i packed it all up and got it out again the next day when I had had some sleep and my husband took all the kids out of the house for awhile. It's still tiny work and I don't have my kreinik yet so I'm hoping those spots won't be too lost. I can only work on it well when the kids aren't around so it's usually late night work but I have about 3 squares done.