Thursday, May 27, 2010

I haven't been able to find my cameras charger,but my bathroom did get done it's now a lovely Titan Blue which has a shade more purple than we thought but it matched up to the wallpaper in ther very well.Now if we could just get someone else to do our master-I'd be's a mess. Most of the 20 yr. old wallpaper has peeled off down to the drywall and when someone patched one of the holes in the wall they left a good 1/2 inch of fill on it that's been fun to sand down-our bedroom even got the dust from that.There is one tiny window above the shower-that doesn't even open. The shower itself lets just say you'd probably have more room in a campground shower but it's still way better than what we had...I know eventually it will be better....Where is that 8,000 tax credit anyway-takes forever:)
I'm still stitching on HAED's. I got out QS Dragon Soul-I can see the dragon now and am working into her face-doing all the dark colors for the SAL this week-shame I didn't get around to a before but I have been working on it pretty solid. Me and Valorie just picked Sunny for the next SK Freebie on the BB,we're excited....And in July I'll be starting Faery Tales with some other lovely ladies
Thanks guys for the comments:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Update

And an update on SK Rose on Fire,I almost couldn't put this one down got going real good on it,but others call....I'm still working on SK MOTD but I've also pulled out QS Dragon Soul in the hopes of having a finish for the rewards program.
Thanks Nancy M. for checking out my WIPS and leaving a comment-I appreciate it.
Here's another small update on Mermaid of the Deep SK. I took a small break from my computer-I'm paying for it for sure I have over 300 e-mails,but I am considering dropping out of some of the cross stitch groups...That will cut down on my mail:)