Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's a stitchy update. My progress on Mermaid. And progress on SK Rose.....
Sorry it's a little blurry.I will try to re-scan it later I don't have scanner hooked up just yet. I scanned these just before we moved our computer over here. Everything made it ok. I was a little worried about my files I forgot to back them up. I had sent a bunch of my charts to my other e-mail tho just in case. We only moved about 10 miles but you never know what can happen. We had a trailer partially loaded at the other house that we got too tired to finish up. It rained pretty good here and my husband went to get some of the stuff off the trailer-he said he checked all the boxes and made sure to grab Val's books but found out he left one of our game system boxes on there. We have original nintendo nintendo 64 dreamcast ps one and ps2. They are laid out in my garage(2car)even) hoping to dry out and still work ok.
Gotta go!


MaryT said...

Really great progress. the rose is going to be really pretty, love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new house, the renovations and the stitching. Everything looks great.