Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slow Recovery

QS Dragon Soul
I managed to get some scanning done so here's a pic update...........................I'm still here. And still mostly stitching on Faery Tales. I def. need to do some scanning. After a scare thinking my fabric wasn't going to be the right size I did the last row all the way across and I'm good -I have almost an inch and a half.Now I'm racing one side all the way up just to be sure,it's only 5 up so I should be good,bottom was 8 across. I have gotten alot done since my last update but I do need to scan AND I need to get back to a rotation of some kind. I'm not going to be hitting any of my HAED BB goals for the year that's for sure.
I have been completely exhausted since the surgery and just can't seem to shake it. If I take naps I'm tired if I don't I'm tired, I think I'm more tired now than I was with any of my pregnancies. The 4 yr old is wandering and we have candy out so I think I'm done for now.
Faery Tales
Have a good day:)


Kathy said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems health wise. I do hope the doctors can figure out how to help. Have they test to see if you are anemic? That would make you feel tired.

Hope things improve for you soon.

saramshobby said...

nics blog :)

I follow your blog ;)


mvg saramshobby

Sarah said...

Nics blog

Bev said...

well i think you have done well, i didnt stitch at all when mine were younger i had a 8 year break , but even now the kids can slow me down and the youngest is 12. hope you feel better in yourself soon

Bev said...

OMG how slow am i just seen the date of your blog post, as i just clicked the link on the HAED BB, hope your stitchy bug is now back god i need glasses, that or read things properly lol