Thursday, February 5, 2009


We've all been coming down with the sniffles,so I haven't done too much stitching mostly filler stitching trying to get big areas of one color in. I haven't had any time for scanning.
Tylenol allergy leaves me feeling hung over so I switched to my antihistimanes hoping they won't leave me feeling hung over.
Thanks to you that check my blog-I know it's not very interesting but it's here now.
What does it mean to be tagged?
This is my wizard it's been a wip for 6 years-now I need more glissen gloss for it but want to save up a few more bucks as I can never just get the floss always find something I "need". LOL


Kelly said...

Sorry to hear your not well and I hope you feel better soon!
I love your wizard!

Nana said...

Hope you are better by now..:)
I just love your wizard.. who is the designer? I have one who is on black /navy blue background with blue cape... haven't started yet, sometime this year, it's on my "to do list" your looks good..
hope to see more of your progress.


maegwin4 said...

Nana I was going to leave a thank you on your blog but can't find a comment area.
We are better...thank you
My wizard is from The Stoney Creek Mythical Collection.My oldest project by it's delayed b-cuz I didn't order enough glissen gloss when I started it 6 yrs. ago.
I recently picked up Scarlet Wizard by Dimensions Gold Collection. Hope to post progress on it soon-although there's a run in the fabric I hope it won't affect the overall design.
Thanks again.